Friday, March 6, 2009

Top 5 Life-Altering Songs

In honor of my Indie Channel on Comcast having a recent love affair with the movie High Fidelity – I have decided to list the top 5 songs that have changed my life’s course (up to this point). In chronological order:

1) Smashing Pumpkins - Bullet with Butterfly Wings

This band and this song are full of firsts for me. This song is actually the
first one I remember being my “favorite.” The Infinite Sadness Tour was the
first concert I ever went to (11th Birthday present from the ‘Rents.) The
t-shirt I got at the concert is the first one I ever wore out to nothing but a
distorted lump of fabric. This song was the catalyst for my love of music and
live shows.

2) Hanson - MMMBop

Stop laughing. I was not above going though that awkward, teeny-bopper, boy
-band loving stage of life. This song defines that stage of my life. To this day
I still turn the volume up to max when this song come on my iPod or the radio.
Don’t deny it, you sing along too…

3) Metallica – One

By far the BEST freakin’ song and video out there. Hands-down. Don’t argue with
me. This classic brought me back to my rock and roll roots. I was actually
raised on the likes of Metallica, Queensryche, Pink Floyd, and
other bands a ten year old should probably not be exposed to. When I went
through what my father likes to call my “rebellious phase” with boy-bands, he
was elated when I started listening to rock and alternative again.
(Something seems bass-ackwards about that…)

4) KoRn - Falling Away From Me

While I do have to give credit to “No Place to Hide” for
starting my obsession with this band, this song is the one closest to my heart.
When this song was released, I was at a very difficult point in my life. This
song brought me out of it. I can honestly tell you if it wasn’t for this song, I
wouldn’t be writing this right now. (Okay… enough pity party.)

5) H.I.M. – Rip out the Wings of a Butterfly
(I did not notice until right now I came full-circle with the butterfly
thing…) This may not be the best or the most definable song by H.I.M., but it is
the first song I ever heard by them. It kind of helped me grow out of my
Slipknot/Mudvayne phase and start begin to appreciate more melodic and “calmer”
rock music - which is my current drug of choice.