Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tattoos-day: COLLEGE

Ink #4: The Best Years of My Life

Design: Four leaf clover with a French Cross inside the leaves.

Location: Left Hip Bone

When: Junior Year of College

Artist: Whitney Shake


I had this little one done my junior year of college by Ms. Whitney Shake at Point Blank Tattoo.

Although it has a very simple story, it encompasses some of the best memories I have.

I attended Saint Mary’s College of Notre Dame, IN for my undergraduate degree. Our school symbol is the French Cross.

It just so happens the University of Notre Dame is our brother school. They used to be the men's side - we were the women's side. In the seventies, Notre Dame decided to go co-ed while we continued to be an all female institution. This of course started many rumors (Or are they? You'll never know...) of naked pillow fights and jello wrestling on our campus as well as a nice little doozey that goes something like, "Every time a Saint Mary's girl gets laid, they plant a tree. Every time a Notre Dame girl gets laid, they build a Dome." (Sorry Jenks -- I had to put that dig in there. You know I bleed blue and gold.)

But I digress... Considering Notre Dame's proximity to my campus as well as my participation in all they had to offer us SMC (pronounced 'smick') Chicks, they played an enormous part in my collegiate career. Their mascot is, obviously, the Fighting Irish.

Fighting Irish Shamrock + Saint Mary’s French Cross = College for Jeney


Ed Adams said...

Notre Dame is the shit! I used to live by there, but now am about 2 1/2 hours away. Very cool Tat.

justjp said...

I sadly have no collegiate tattoos. Not sure how that happened.

Blondiesblondemoments said...

it's pretty

Just A Girl said...

I like that. It's very neat. I didn't graduate from my college, and kind of hated it, so I would definitely not get a ram's head anywhere...

Jeney said...

@Ed Adams I kinda miss South Bend sometimes... deep, deep down inside. Under a rock.

@justjp You should get one while you're in Denver! :-P

@Blondie Thanks, babe!

@Just a Girl Yea... don't get a Ram's head. Unless of course you are an Aries. Then it would be kinda cool.