Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Typical "I Am Thankful For..." Post

This is the first Thanksgiving that I will not spend with my family. Like, ever. I'm torn between depression of being alone and joy of avoiding family drama.

Anywho... In the spirit of this here red-headed stepchild of holidays, I decided I will do the cliche thing write about what I am thankful for. And what exactly am I thankful for?

College quarterbacks getting sucker punched in the face? Nope.

Half naked, ripped under aged boys on the big screen? Not completely...

Friends that make me laugh until I pee my pants? Absolutely.

And this is exactly why:

My good friend Coco* who lurks on my blog:

Coco: 10 tats though?
Coco: or was it 11?
Jeney: 11
Coco: thats redic!
Coco: do they even have tats in north dakota?
Jeney: no one really knows i have them
Jeney: people ask about the one on my wrist a lot

Jeney: but you dont see any of the other ones

Jeney: i mean... you saw that foxy friday thing right?

Coco: hahaha oh yeah
Jeney: i had to be in a damn bikini to see them all
Coco: you say "had to be" like someone forced you
Coco: you like showing them off
Coco: I’m on to you
Jeney: well, i wasn't too thrilled about it
Jeney: why do you think i was trying to hide my face in each shot?
Coco: because you were embarrassed you didn’t have a tat on it
Coco: duh
Jeney: btw... i'm saving this conversation and blogging about it
Jeney: because i'm pretty sure this is the most entertaining one i have had since i
moved to fargo
Coco: don’t use my real name
Coco: use a pseudonym
Coco: like big, broad shouldered awesomeness
My old roommate Vic Eastwood:
Jeney: I start classes next semester... so I'll hopefully meet new people that way
Vic: Oh yeah, you'll be the hottie mature girl that gets invited to keggers and is so tiny she HAS TO do keg stands.
Vic: And you'll be all tipsy and say, “You guys can't drink! Ya know who has two thumbs and can drink? This fucking girl!”

Jeney: new moon was amazing and I would totally go to jail to hook up with the kid who plays the werewolf.
Vic: Well you were the only legit excuse I had to watch it, so I'll have to make a late night run to redbox when it comes out on dvd
Vic: Wearing a ski mask of course.

And finally... pretty much the most amazing thing anyone has ever written on any of my profiles:

ALL of my friends (the ones in real life and you fine people who read the POS I call my blog) make my heart smile. And that is why I am thankful for you.

Happy Turkey Day!

*Not as cool as "big, broad shouldered awesomeness", but it works


Ed Adams said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

Just A Girl said...

Ohhh the tunacorn! I love that effer.

Just A Girl said...

Ohhh the tunacorn! I love that effer.