Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kid in a toy isle...

I was perusing through the toy section of my local big-box store when I discovered what quite possibly might be the most exciting, enthralling, and AMAZING toy invented. Ever.

Yes… it is better than a Wii.

Yes… it totally trumps an Easy-Bake Oven.

Psh… don’t even try comparing it to a Giga Pet because I’ll slap you.

It is… ready for this? A glittery bouncy ball. Now before you roll your eyes at me and mumble about childish bullshit (I know you were thinking about it) you have to hear me out. This is no ordinary glitter bouncy ball.

This ball is filled with water and the glitter settles at the bottom of the ball when it is not in use. When you bounce, toss, or roll it the stationary glitter magically comes to life in mystical swirls, bursts, and patterns! I swear it is the coolest thing you will ever lay eyes upon.

That’s not all, ladies and gentlemen! I found out today it also doubles as a stress reliever. I had a particularly shitty morning today involving a postponed meeting and after rolling my magic glitter ball around for about twenty seconds, I felt infinitely better! There is just something about manufactured shiny things that brighten up your mood.

I suggest you purchase one of these like, yesterday. You will be missing out on an integral life opportunity if you pass this up!