Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Of the Jonas Brothers and Obnoxious Drunk Students

Heat Miser and I finally reaped our vengeance on Snow Miser today. It is a gorgeous sixty-three degrees outside right now and I fully plan on taking advantage of it. After work I’m driving to my old campus and going to a long, long run. However, it looks as if Snow Miser is going to make a vicious comeback come next week as temperatures are going to drop back down to the twenties. (Boo, you whore!)

I slept in a sleeping bag on my office floor on Friday night. (No seriously. I'm not exaggerating.)My museum hosted a lock-in for the local Girl Scout Brownie troops and I was lucky enough to organize and run it. Oh, joy.

Since I obviously do not have anything of substance to post, here’s a list of random things I have learned/accomplished/etc. in my absence. Deal with it.

- The Jonas Brothers are waaaaay hotter than Zac Efron.

- Nick Jonas isn’t as cute as Joe Jonas because he has diabetes. (WHAT?!?! :-O )

- Moms seem to get more upset when Camp Rock doesn’t work in the DVD player than nine year old girls do.

- My work computer does not play DVDs. This is not cool. At all.

- Some Girl Scout moms can be real bitches.

- After fighting with workman’s compensation for the Van Wilder part of a decade, my mom finally got her settlement check.

- I finished reading He’s Just Not That Into You and learned that he, as a matter of fact, is just not that into me. Wow. Go Figure.

- DD’ing for shit-housed friends may be a really nice thing to do, but dear god is it irritating.

- DD’ing for said shit-housed friends at a student bar is even more irritating.

That’s it for now! Catch you on the flip side!