Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Count of Jeney Cristo

Hello. This is Jeney's fun-loving and loose-moralled alter ego, Trixie.

I'm the one who drinks her face off, curses like a trucker, dances in to oblivion, and enjoys her life. (aka - I'm the one who has time to blog and make your day more interesting.)

Jeney's the one who sold her soul to her place of employment, decided running a half marathon was a good idea, and goes to bed at 9:30pm. (aka - She's the one who blatantly ignores her blogging responsibilities.)

I am currently writing this from the depths of a prison-like crevice of Jeney's inner soul that bitch has locked me in. I'm stealing wireless from her office-mate and googling Alcatraz escape game-plans.

I will break free from this awful body I am trapped in, so help me God! And when I do -- I will return to you my darlings. Oh, how I miss you all!

Jeney will pay for this travesty. She will pay dearly....


Blondie said... are funny