Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The man firewalled social media sites today. (and Pandora! Who does that?!)

I have no idea if blogger is going to be added to the list or not. (shit will hit the fan, damnit!)

I feel like I just found out Santa doesn't exist. (communist bastards.)

Stay tuned. (... because I have no idea when/if/how I'll be able to post again.)


Amy said...

Oh man. Our nanny filter at work is ridiculous to the max. I was trying to visit American Apparel online on my MacBook one weekend...couldn't access the site because of adult content. Yesterday we had to do a free image search for PICTURES OF A FISHING BOAT and realized one of the free stock image sites most commonly used by ad agencies was blocked. Literally...photos of boats and landscapes and cookies. Wow.

Blondie said...

you have to keep on blogging because we love ya! lol

Blondie said...

I gave you an award...check out my blog!

Danimal said...

i would rather die than work w/o pandora jamz in my face.